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Transsexual famous girls sexy Aug 8, - So, here we are: 55 trans actresses y'all should know and love and that Dirty Sexy Money, Alexis Stone on Nip/Tuck, on Elementary, Eyes Only led Caroline, a very popular model who appeared on the cover. Oct 16, - © Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved. CNN Sans ™ & © Cable News Network. 20 Famous Transgender Celebrities. Caitlyn Jenner. As mentioned, this former Olympian and reality star made the official announcement of transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn in Laverne Cox. Janet Mock. Andreja Pejić Caroline Cossey. You can find famous transexuals whether it be a transgender actress or celebrities on this list whether they be transgender actors, actresses, writers, All of these folks are talented and accomplished, and many of them are pretty sexy, too!

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Transsexual famous girls sexy She was a key Alexis Arquette Alexis Arquette born, Robert Arquette is a transgender activist, musician, cabaret performer and actress. Her work deals with gender, sexuality, and the concept of what is "normal" in society.

Alexandra Billings is brilliant barrier-busting actress, cabaret performer, director, activist and playwright. She has remained a face for many leading fashion magazines and is face of many famous fashion brands.